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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:10 pm

Just the Basic Rules, its not rocket science or anything. Just common sense and if it gets out of control, I will start stating everyone.

- R.E.S.P.E.C.T
If its not stressed enough, please do not disrespect your fellow rpers in any way, shape, or form. If you do, it caused them to hit the "beautiful" report button and we will have to review it. It's rather pointless to be disrespectful and just causes unwanted drama to everyone that is on here. And this applies to OOC and IC.

- Open verses Closed Boards
Yes, They are a thing and are allowed to exist. Open means everyone can join and closed means its closed off to a certain rpers.

- Rules within a board
I don't mind is a person wishes to add some rule to their boards. Just keep it within our rules and its all cool.

- Ask before jumping in
Ask permission of the those who are in the rp you wish to join in if it's okay before you just throw yourself into it. Some get annoyed if people just jump in without knowing whats going on. Without meaning too, it can cause issues depending on how the flow of the rp is going. Usually in the side rules some will put up will address this issue.

- Be Lilerate?
This will be a relaxed place to have fun in, so we aren't going to be overbearing about it. All we request is that you please use complete sentences, correct grammar, and punctuation to ones own ability. if one cannot read it, one cannot respond to it. If you see one struggling, help one another in hopes of becoming a better rper.

- Keep all PUBLIC threads PG-13
In some cases I will be relaxed on the PG-13/R borderlines because in some cases it can't be avoidable. A good example would be battles, sometimes limbs go flying off. But I know some people don't want to walk in on nudity and large amounts of swearing.

- Use ONLY your character
Do not use other people's characters unless explicit permission is given.  

- Leave open endings
-Leave open endings
One's post should never be the last post ever written unless you are leaving. It allows for others to interact in many ways, leaving to more entertainment. Not only that there might be others who wish to continue, even when you are gone.

- No God-Modding
Sure, you may have some kickass abilities but anyone will agree that god-modding is something we should avoid (unless permission is granted)

Seek permission from person you are rping with if its okay to control and/or kill their characters.

- Take turns
Forums will bring chaos when everyone starts posting their stuff and things will get lost in the mix. So please take turns to help give everyone a turn.

- Keep OOC speak to a minimum while being IC.
If you need to create a OOC board if you need to talk.

- Character Applications
Please send them to me or anyone I appoint to help out with the applications. I'm working on a listing and it helps keep track of who is coming in. Depending on how things are going, I might assign things to characters.

- Setting: Demon/Spirit Realm
Right now this will mainly take place in the Demon/Spirit realm with maybe some human realm interference (will post the Human World sections as needed). There will be 6 open areas up for grabs and will be left to the person who gets them to what goes on. So that means if someone sends me a Lady or Lord I approve over, they have free reign over the name, rules, and so forth on what the area can or can't do. The center will be owned by me as a neutral zone. This is sandbox rp and I will be happy to work on over arching world building/changing events.
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General Rules
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